Lancellotta Emilia

Indicazione Geografica Tipica

The Province di Reggio Emilia

Grape Varieties
85% Lancellotta 15% Uve Lambrusco

Tasting Note
Color: intense red with purplish highlights
Nose: full and fruity, with hints of wild berries and vanilla
Palate: a good balance between acidity, body and alcohol

Analytical Data
Alcohol: 10.5% vol
Sugar: 8 g/l

Food Pairing
A wine to drink throughout the meal, it is particularly good with grilled red meats and pasta dishes

Serving Temperature

Bottle Size
75 cl

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Le note dell'enologo

Winemaker’s Note

Produced mainly from Lancellotta, an indigenous cultivar of the Province of Reggio Emilia, this wine is an exception, because normally this grape is used to add color and add sweetness to the Lambrusco varieties.
On the palate, it offers an unusual sensation of freshness, soft tannins and an elegant fullness of flavor, enriched by the seductive perlage that characterizes it. The very intense red color also lends its hue to the dense, bright mousse that emerges from the glass.