The spirit of Emilia

The spirit of Emilia is an attitude, a sense of fellowship, the pleasure of gathering friends around a table.
It is the taste that things acquire when they are experienced together. It is the satisfaction of achieving incredible goals thanks to everyone’s work.
It is the pride of living in a land that has seen the rise of large companies that with their brands have made “Made in Italy” great, from food to automobiles.


The land

The territory of Emilia-Romagna is historically suited for the cultivation of vines and the production of ideal grapes for winemaking. A flourishing wine-growing economy rose along the Via Emilia, making national and international wine trade thrive since Roman times. It is in this land that Lambrusco was born and it is from here that the red bubbles of Emilia reach every corner of the world.

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From our vineyards

The term “Lambrusco” in the Zingarelli Italian Language dictionary is defined as “fizzy Emilian wine of a bright red hue, achieved from the vine with the same name.” But we call all of them by name: Lambrusco di Sorbara, Lambrusco Marani, Lambrusco Grasparossa ,… A great “family of autochthonous vines” derived from the wild vines of the Po Valley.

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Dai nostri vigneti
cultura e gusto

Culture and taste

Emilia is a special place: here the culture of farmers’ wine meets the liveliness of people from Central Italy. It is a territory with a strong inclination for flavours, with gastronomic specialties where taste has always been central to everyday life.

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Wine has been appreciated for thousands of years, this is for sure. Not surprisingly, ancient Greeks and Romans dedicated a divinity to wine: Dionysus for the former, Bacchus, the “god of conviviality”, for the latter.

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