The Essence of Emilia

Emilia is considered by many to be the heart of Italian industry, wine production and gastronomy.
The essence of Emilia is the industriousness and generosity of its people, which was crucial for the area’s economic growth after the war.
In Emilia, many prestige brands have been created in various business sectors that are now well-known to a worldwide audience.


The land

The territory of Emilia Romagna has always been well-suited due to its geographical layout, to the cultivation of vines and the production of ideal grapes for winemaking.
An exceptional wine economy has grown up along the Via Emilia, which, since the days of the Romans, has carried wines throughout Europe and worldwide.

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From our vineyards

“A semi-sparkling Emilian wine, with a lively red color, made from the grape of the same name”: that is the definition of Lambrusco given by Zingarelli’s Dictionary of the Italian Language.
It is actually more correct to speak of a “family of indigenous grape varieties”, originating from the wild grapes of the Po Valley.

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Dai nostri vigneti
cultura e gusto

Culture and taste

Emilia is a special place: here traditional wine culture goes hand in hand with the vivacity of the people of Central Italy.
It is an area of outstanding products, with gourmet specialties, whose flavors make them the protagonists of everyday life

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That wine has been appreciated for thousands of years is a certainty, and not surprisingly both the ancient Greeks and the Romans dedicated a god to wine: Dionysus for the former and Bacchus for the latter, the “god of conviviality.”

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