Cantine Riunite has expanded its membership over the years, directly involving its growers, who work in the most famous,high-quality wine-producing areas, in the business.

This strategy has allowed Riunite to establish itself on the Italian, European and international markets, with a wide range of products that represent the great tradition of Italian and Emilian wine.



In 1950, Italy has just come out of the war. We are in the midst of a period of revival and reconstruction. There is a general desire to start over, so a group of vignerons from Emilia gathers round a table and decide to look to the future.
Thus, the union of nine co-operative wineries in the Province of Reggio Emilia produced the Cantine Cooperative Riunite.



In 1960, the year of Fellini’s “Dolce Vita”, the economic boom also has a positive effect on Cantine Cooperative Riunite, which inaugurates its new plant in Reggio Emilia, and within six years it will double its capacity.



In 1969, Neil Armstrong lands on the moon and Riunite’s Lambrusco lands in the United States of America for the first time.
In a few years it will become not only the best-selling wine on that continent, but a real phenomenon of popular culture and lifestyle, as well as a case history of success unmatched in the history of the world wine market.



anni ‘80

In the early 80s Italy wins the soccer World Cup and Riunite produces more than one million hectoliters of bottled wine, becoming the third largest wine group worldwide.


anni ‘90

The ‘90s are the years in which Cantine Riunite undergoes a profound evolution, which takes it from being a traditional consortium-like structure to becoming a modern corporation, capable of optimizing its production and commercial resources to emulate the successes achieved in its first twenty years.

The history of Riunite is based on growth: from the union of a few co-operatives, with an initial capital of only 9000 lire, to today’s Company that is making the history of Lambrusco wine and of the IGT wines of Emilia, with over 2,000 grower-members, and from national – or rather Regional – distribution to supplying more than 70 countries on all continents.

And the future?

It is built day by day, as a team..

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