From 1950 onwards, Cantine Riunite gradually expanded its corporate structure by involving more and more growers of autochthonous grapes in the province of Reggio Emilia. The pursuit of quality and cooperations were the values that led Cantine Riunite to succeed first in Italy and then on the international markets, bringing the great Italian and Emilian wine tradition overseas.



Our story started from a meeting in 1950, during the post-war period, when people wanted to start anew.
There was energy, enthusiasm and determination also in that group of vine-growers who sat around a table and decided to embark on a great adventure.
Thus, 9 corporate wine producers of the Reggio Emilia province joined forces. Cantine Cooperative Riunite was born.



The 1960s marked a milestone for Cantine Cooperative Riunite.
Those were the years of the economic boom and cultural ferment of social awakening.
A wave of enthusiasm also hit the Riunite wineries, that inaugurated a new plant in Reggio Emilia. In just 6 years, Riunite was able to double its production.



Then came 1969. While Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, the Riunite corporation established in the USA. In just a few years Riunite Lambrusco became not only the continent’s best-selling wine, but a real cultural and lifestyle phenomenon as well as a successful case history in the world’s wine market.




In the early 1980s, while Italy was about to win the Football World Cup, Riunite exceeded one million hectoliters of bottled wine, becoming the third largest wine group in the world.



The 1990s marked another milestone for Riunite: the cooperative became a company with a modern organization and continued its development, reaping great success in Italy and abroad where Riunite wine, the Lambrusco of Emilia, became the markets’ key player.

The long story behind Riunite.
It is the story of a group of people who wanted to do great things together. Their passion brought their Lambrusco bottles to the tables of 80 different countries, all over the world.

What about the future?

It will always be a splendid adventure to be lived as one.
Because Lambrusco unites us.

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