Good practices

The Emilian semi-sparkling winemaking tradition is based on natural re-fermentation in the bottle.
With this method, the wines obtained are long-lived, produced from a good base directly in the bottle, and thus able to develop and maintain their exclusive features.


The environment comes first

This production process focuses on quality: it therefore takes into account the characteristics of the original grapes and every step is strictly controled.
Pruning and the spraying that is necessary to prevent disease in the early stages of the growing season are essential steps, carried out with discrimination and with particular care for the environment.


The harvest

The harvest is the most important moment of the entire production process: it can only take place when the grapes have attained the optimum sugar levels of perfect ripeness.



For the vinification phase, Cantine Riunite has equipped itself with modern plant and technology in order to have the most up-to-date production techniques and obtain excellent wines that reflect the hard work of the grower-members throughout the production process.

Thus Cantine Riunite’s Lambrusco is produced
an expression of men’s passion for their land,
which is rich in aromas and flavor

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