Good practices

The Emilian tradition of sparkling winemaking is based on natural refermentation in the bottle. This results in long-living wines, obtained from a good base, processed directly in the bottle and therefore capable of developing and maintaining exclusive characteristics.


The environment comes first

In Riunite we are convinced that our products will always be better if we cooperate with nature, respecting its balance and processes.
For this reason, every step that leads to the production of our wines is monitored with utmost attention and care. We practice viticulture consciously, trying to reduce the release of harmful substances into the air. We are committed to the testing of new techniques to be applied in ever larger areas. We conduct training and educational activities because if we take this road together we can protect our territory, defend our health and enhance our wines.


The harvest

The harvest is a real event: it is the conclusion of an important phase of our work, it is the occasion to celebrate the results of a year of commitment and intense work.
We harvest at the right time, when the grapes are perfect and have reached the characteristics we seek to create our wines.
And this is possible thanks to the monitoring of all the plots of land and grape varieties.
In short, we do it best when we do it all together!



Lambrusco is a traditional wine, but innovation is also fundamental in vinification: Cantine Riunite is equipped with modern tools and processing techniques always in step with the times. This allows us to obtain quality wines that best express the value of the territory and the commitment of all those who work in the supply chain.

This is how Riunite Lambrusco is born:

from the respect for the land,

from the value we give to the work of men and women

who share a great passion.

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