Culture & Taste

Emilia is a unique place: here you find the culture of “good living” – art, food, wine and extraordinary people with whom to share all this. It is a territory rich in unique products that make “Made in Italy” famous: from fresh pastas to charcuterie, from Parmigiano-Reggiano to a wine that has become synonymous with these lands: Lambrusco. But there is only one real reason why this land is so exceptional: it is made up of people who, in unity, are able to create incredible wonderful things, making our daily life extraordinary!

un vino per ogni piatto

A wine for each dish

Emilia is a place of extraordinary traditional food and products that have always been perfect pairings with the local wines.
But this is also the land of food and wine research and innovation, also in the oenological field.
Lambrusco has evolved over time too. We cannot therefore speak of one Lambrusco but of the Lambrusco wine family.
There will therefore be a perfect type for each dish you bring to the table.
And each of them will achieve its goal: to enhance the flavours on the plate and unite the minds of those who raise their glasses.

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