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Cuvée 1950

Cuvée 1950

Reggiano Lambrusco

Denominazione di Origine Controllata

An area defined by the DOC regulations, in the Province of Reggio Emilia.

Grape Varieties
85% Lambrusco Mariani, Lambrusco Salamino   15% Lancellotta

Tasting Note
Color: intense red with purple highlights
Nose: fruity – berry fruit, raspberry, blackberry and strawberry
Palate: fresh and pleasant on the palate, full-bodied

Analytical Data
Alcohol: 11.5% vol
Sugar: 10 g/l

Food Pairing
Ideal with antipasti and roasts served with a spicy sauce

Serving Temperature

Bottle Size
75 cl

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Cuvèe 1950

Le note dell'enologo

Winemaker’s Note

Lambrusco Reggiano “Cuvée 1950” represents excellence thanks to the typical blend of the Reggio Emlia area: Lambrusco Marani and Lambrusco Salamino, together with a small amount of Lancellotta.
Dry and fresh on the palate, the wine has good body and a tangy, vinous flavor. The nose is broad and fruity, with hints of strawberry, cherry, raspberry and blackberry. The color is a deep red. Its particularly dry flavor makes it suitable for accompanying all the typical dishes of Emilian cuisine.

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